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Hiking holidays in the Dolomites

Mount Plose in the summer awaits you with numerous hiking trails of different difficulty levels. There are leisure paths that are easily accessible also with prams and small children; but there are also more challenging trails for experienced hikers. Mount Plose is not just a summer hiking region but also a true delight for mountain bikers. Most hiking trails are also accessible by mountain bike and allow cyclists diverse tours and wonderful views. Especially those who love downhill trails, here on Mount Plose will find their piece of paradise. Once a year the popular international downhill race “CaiDom” takes the participants from the lodge Plosehütte all the way to Bressanone. Even marathon runners will appreciate Mount Plose – the Bressanone Dolomites Marathon leads to the lodge Plosehütte and is considered one of the most difficult mountain marathons in the world. Mount Plose offers an extensive summer entertainment programme for young and old. In addition to a children’s program, various guided walks and events are offered.

Hiking holidays in the Dolomites

How to get here

The easiest way to reach the lodge Plosehütte in the summer is from Val Croce on the hiking trail no. 7. In approx. 1 hour the narrow path takes you 450 meters up to the lodge. For more leisurely walkers there is the possibility to reach us following a wider and easier street. This route starts in Val Croce with the no. 14 and branches off to the left after about half an hour. The walk takes about 1 ½ hours.

Mountain biking on the Plose

Dolomite Hiking Trails No. 2 and 8

The Dolomite Hiking Trail No. 2 (Alta Via No. 2) is one of the great Dolomite crossing paths from north to south and passes through impressive mountain terrain. It begins in the oldest town in Tyrol – Bressanone – and leads to Feltre. The entire route is approx. 185 km long and can be covered in 15 days. The trail is divided into several stages of about 4 hours each and offers several ways to end the hike earlier. The first stage of the Dolomite Hiking Trail No. 2 leads from Bressanone to the lodge Plosehütte and is very well suited to get you started. After a night at the lodge you’ll continue to the Peitlerscharte all the way to the lodge Schlütterhütte.

Also the Dolomite Hiking Trail No. 8 begins in Bressanone and leads to Salorno. In 13 days, about 160 km will be covered. Again, the lodge Plosehütte is the first overnight destination.

Hiking region Plose